Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 NHC Summer Institute blog roundup

The 2008 NHC Summer Institute was a smashing success (and the largest Institute since 2000), and with at least 30 posts so far, there may have been more blogging than ever before! So once again, I'm posting a roundup of blog posts about the Institute. Post a comment if I've missed anything, and I'll post an update.

That's just the beginning. What else?

UPDATE 1: Two more from magid, with details on classes and workshops.

UPDATE 2: Sefer Ha-Bloggadah reports on the EJ siyyum and Sefer Ha-Bloggadah kickoff.

UPDATE 3: More on Jewschool: Kung Fu Jew on "Why Netanyahu didn't speak at the Havurah Institute"

UPDATE 4: Two posts from cellio.

UPDATE 5: More highlights from magid. cellio on the prayer leading class. Two more from On The Fringe and a roundup. Betsy at COEJL on green minhagim.

UPDATE 6: Three posts from tigerbright.

UPDATE 7: Reports from Ed and Ari Melman.


  1. NHC sounds great!

    Last year I took time off and bought a plane ticket to go the URJ Kallah (now called Adult Learning Retreat or something like that). I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The buzz in the Jewish blogosphere, however is great about Limmud, and I am most impressed with the listed program from NHC.

    Time and money being very finite resources, it's only realistic to consider one Jewish learning trip a year. Just wondering if anyone reading this comment could compare/contrast NHC with Limmud.

  2. There are lots of Limmuds out there, but here's one comparison between Limmud NY and the NHC Summer Institute from a couple years ago.

  3. So this is why my stats counter suddenly spiked! If I'd known people were going to notice my post, I would have made it contain actual coherence ;-)

  4. BZ, I'm chiming in with a correction to one of my posts: The choral version of Halleluyah, hallelu Kel b'kodsho (Psalm 150) that we were singing (or trying to sing :) )at the Institute on Friday night was by Louis Levandowski (not Salamone Rossi).

  5. Wow, you even linked to my Institute follow-up posts. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for sharing these! I had a great time at my first Institute.

    I have a couple too. ;)

    There will be one more if I ever get to it...

  7. These are great. We have some too: