Monday, November 04, 2019

At decade's end

The holidays are over once again, which means that the unusual calendar pattern of the past decade is also over.  For the entire decade from 2010 to 2019, Rosh Hashanah started on only Monday and Thursday.  Thus all the Tishrei holidays (except the occasional Yom Kippur) have been on weekdays, and (for 2-day yom tov people) there has been a higher-than-normal incidence of "3-day yom tovs".

This pattern is now drawing to a close, and in 2020, Rosh Hashanah (and the 1st day of Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret) will be on Shabbat, for the first time since 2009, followed by Rosh Hashanah on Shabbat 3 more times during the 2020s.

Back in 2010, we made a prediction that "This decade ... will see lots of 2-day-yom tov people switching over to 1 day."  Now that the decade is over, it's time to test that prediction.

We have a (not so rigorously administered) survey about whether you have switched from 1 day to 2 days, from 2 day to 1 day, or neither.  Please fill out the survey and share it widely!  We'll share the results in a month or two.