Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Institute blog roundup

I just got back from the National Havurah Committee Summer Institute, where I spent a week of learning and teaching with 300 of my closest friends from across the continent. I was too busy running the thing to blog during the week, so instead here's a roundup of posts around the blogosphere about the Institute:

And I'm sure there will be lots more in the next few days, as people get home and write their reflections on the week. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, this latest comment on "Profile of an 'Unaffiliated' Jew" is a great reminder of why we're doing what we're doing. I continue to maintain that I am having a greater impact on Jewish life in Minnesota by doing my thing here in New York than I would have if I moved to Minnesota (or fill in non-NY location).

UPDATE: Here's the rest of the story from ZT.

UPDATE 2: Neil connects Talmud texts studied at Institute to the political situation in Connecticut. Red Queen Day calls the Institute an earworm farm, and Ruby K shares a poem from Friday night's poetry reading.

UPDATE 3: A report from Desh. "...things might just explode..."

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  1. As a (lapsed) Minnesotan and a traveller through smaller Jewish communities, I respectfully disagree. The commenter is looking to join what you're creating in NY (and it's great that it's all find-out-about-able). What's happening in MN is being created by people there.