Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Israel-related non-Gaza posts

I posted two posts yesterday to Jewschool: one about the contest to select Hebrew names for Uranus and Neptune (as part of the International Year of Astronomy), and one about the preliminary candidate lists for the upcoming Knesset election. Check it out, and stay tuned for a February Madness pool in the style of our 2006 March Madness pool.


  1. For the planets, one should start with a Vav, the other with a Lamed, so we can account for that pesky extra word in Kel Adon.

  2. my suggestions for planet names were Mishnaic in origin

  3. I think it's funny the website is called כוכב עברי נולד, a reference to a reality television show.

    Who won March Madness? Would you be interested in collecting a few bucks from participants and make it a real pool?

  4. Who won March Madness?

    Here are the results from last time.

    Would you be interested in collecting a few bucks from participants and make it a real pool?

    I'd rather do the same as last time and have a suggested donation to an organization (of your choice) that benefits Israel.

  5. Well, "Kel Adon" is very mystical. Note that the first two stitches have five words each, the last two stitches have six words each, and every other one has four words. This is not an accident.

    Anyhow, the piyyut echoes the themes of the greater bracha of Yotzer Or, in that G-d rules over the angels and the heavenly host.

    Towards the end, the sun and the moon are finally mentioned by name. Then there's a closing line: "Shevach notnim lo col tzva marom," "All the heavenly host give him praise," approximately.

    That is not a fluffy throwaway line to end on a happy note. It directly continues the physical heavenly bodies whose naming begins with the sun and moon.

    Shevach = Shabtai
    Notnim = Nogah
    Kol = Kochav
    Tzva = Tzedek
    Marom = Ma'adim

    So we need something for "lo." To the best of my limited understanding, that word was included originally to bring the word total up to 6.

  6. Perfect! I submitted "Livyatan" for Neptune (though I wonder if the lamed is also just a repeat of "levanah"). Where do you get vav for the other -- just the other letter in "lo"?

  7. Yes. I figure, there's one extra word, which has two letters. Perfect.