Friday, July 08, 2005

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

Yesterday and today are Rosh Chodesh Tammuz! The molad (the mean lunar conjunction, in the time zone of some unidentified place on Earth that maybe used to be Jerusalem but it's all very vague and just a tool to calculate the day on which Rosh Hashanah should fall) was at 5 days 2 hours 657 parts, aka Wednesday night, 8:36:30 pm.

Kol Zimrah is doing mincha and hallel this afternoon, prior to the usual kabbalat shabbat and maariv. This will be KZ's first mincha ever, first hallel ever, and first kedusha ever!

I have secured an advance copy of the half-page handout for tonight's KZ, and it says:

Frequently Asked Question: Isn’t hallel traditionally said in the morning, not the afternoon?
Answer: Yes. However, the Mishnah (Megillah 2:5) states that hallel may be said at any time during the day. The Talmud (Rosh Hashanah 32b) interprets Proverbs 14:28 (“B’rov am hadrat melech” / “In the multitude of people is the ruler’s glory”) to mean that it is more fitting to glorify the Ruler when more people are present. Therefore, Kol Zimrah is saying hallel at the time when our community is gathered together.

Given that most of our community did not have the opportunity to pray with a minyan this morning (or yesterday morning), this will be a great opportunity.

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