Monday, July 18, 2005

Physical challenge!

Rabbi Eric Yoffie has posted the "Biennial Challenge" on the URJ website.

Guess how this sentence ends: "The most serious challenge facing North American Jewry today is ___________." You have three guesses.

Now click here for the answer. Not what you expected, is it? I might have listed about 58 other things that are more serious challenges than that.

I have posted my CAJE article to the Biennial Challenge web forum. No responses yet.

(In unrelated news, I have gotten myself into a flamewar over at JTS Future, where I have been accused of both "trying to deflect the reality of MO's sexism" and "imposing [my] values and framework on others and then denigrating them if it isn't a perfect match".)

1 comment:

  1. That's funny. I didn't hazard a guess, but it wasn't what R. Yoffie said.

    And that's some flame war that you got yourself into. It looks like you pushed some serious buttons. A lot of people's reactions to what you said weren't even really reactions to what you said (I thought), but to what they heard. Or what they thought you were getting at. Or something like that.