Monday, July 11, 2005

Goodbye my Coney Island baby

Today I biked to Coney Island with Hazon, and about halfway back (before giving up and taking the subway -- it had just been too much time in the sun on this 91-degree day). I'm counting this toward my goal of biking to all the islands in NYC, even if it's not really an island.

I saw:
  • The NYC Triathlon, at the moment when the first swimmers were just starting to get out of the water
  • A cruise ship loading up with passengers
  • The Trapeze School in operation
  • A movie being filmed at Chambers & Church -- an empty street (blocked off from cars) was portraying a busy street scene (with extras crossing the street back and forth, under the director's direction)
  • A Borough Park chevra kadisha with a special entrance for kohanim
  • The Brooklyn 9/11 memorial, on a pier with a panoramic view of the harbor, including the place where the Towers aren't
  • Ceasar's [sic] Bay Shopping Center
  • Mermaid Medical Group (on Mermaid Ave, Coney Island)
  • The Cyclone! Not just saw it, rode it. In high school physics (where some of us live 10 months out of the year) we do a lot of talking about roller coasters, but I can't remember the last time I rode one. So how about that conservation of energy? If I were 15 feet tall, this ride totally would have taken my head off. The Cyclone is also the namesake of my newly adopted New York baseball team, because I decided that after living here 3 years, I had to have a local team to root for, and it couldn't ever be the Mets or the Yankees. Of course, since making this decision, I haven't actually done anything proactive like go to a game or find out who any of the players are or how they're doing this year. Ok, I just looked it up. They're 12-7, second to the Staten Island Yankees, who are 13-5. We can come back and overtake those damn Yankees! Also, I am older than every one of the players.
  • Quentin Road, between Avenue P and Avenue R. Someone was very consciously avoiding an Avenue Q, but why?
  • A group of teenagers in Prospect Park, wearing black kippot, long black coats (on the aforementioned 91-degree day), external tallitot, and roller skates

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