Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Please remember not to add Al Hanisim

As in previous years (this is now the 8th time in a row), I will be leading ma'ariv on Purim (viz., the first night of triple Purim). Suggestions for wacky tunes are invited (though I may recycle more than usual this year, being in a new city and continent).


  1. Given Harrison Ford's imminent appearance in the fourth installment i'd think sampling the theme from Indiana Jones would be a good choice.

    Also, the music from Tetris is exceedingly catchy. Choice A, i think, is the best known: http://wrongway.org/tetris1.mid

  2. Those of us in NYC will definitely miss you.

  3. I'm leading at Hadar this year. Yours are big shoes to fill!

  4. I'll be leading at Kedem. If you're in Jerusalem, be there!

    Good luck! I'm sure it will be great, and people in New York are ready for a change.