Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chodesh tov!

In happier news, hundreds of Jerusalem restaurants are about to become kosher again!

For some reason, the rabbanut was apparently not doing any supervision during Adar Rishon. Can anyone explain it?


  1. Were they ever NOT kosher to begin with?

  2. They were kosher during Tevet and Shevat, and they are again during Adar Sheini. Adar Rishon is anyone's guess!

  3. No, I'm talking about how one holds by establishments that have lost their hechsher, but still retained the exact same cooking practices. Does one really need to have a mehadrin hechsher in order to be kosher? Or rather, is a previous (but revoked for perhaps political reasons) hechsher proof enough that the restaurant is still kosher? I know many kosher eateries that don't have rabbinic supervision - that would be friends' dining rooms.
    Besides, it's not as if it's like this: "We've lost our hechsher due to the heter mehira mishegas... WOO HOO! Let's bring on the bacon and cheeseburgers!"
    What I'm saying is, a restaurant that had a hechsher in Shevat is, if not for business reasons, most likely the same restaurant that lacked it in Adar I.