Sunday, February 11, 2007

Place your Purim requests now

It's that time again.


  1. Audio links to this year Maariv, past years Maariv, and the long-anticipated AFTP Kabbalat Shabbat would be appreciated!

  2. hmmm...

    I would love to hear songs that in their original lyrics have a religious message. I'm think something like dylan's "gotta serve somebody" (ok that might sounds a bit weird, but you get the point)

    Also, what about "no rain", by Blind Melon?

  3. 5th choice - Houses of the Holy, Led Zeppelin

    4th choice - Exodus, Bob Marley

    3rd choice - Tracy Chapman, Tracy Chapman

    2nd choice (and a sure crowd-pleaser) - Full Moon Fever, Tom Petty

    1st choice - Fear of Music, Talking Heads

  4. Here is this year's Purim ma'ariv lineup. It's hard to do this year after year (this was my 7th consecutive time) without some repeats, but this is mitigated by the high rate of turnover in my community, so I was able to get away with recycling some old material without too many people caring. But there was plenty of new material too. I should also note that I consulted beforehand with Desh, who did a similar service in Philly.

    So here's the setlist:
    Vehu rachum - The Who, "My Generation"
    Barechu - high holiday ma'ariv, into shabbat ma'ariv
    Ma'ariv Aravim - The Lion King, "Circle of Life"
    Ahavat Olam - "The Star-Spangled Banner"
    Shema - high holiday Torah service ("Adonai Eloheichem emet" in yom tov ma'ariv)
    Mi Chamocha - Madonna, "Like a Prayer"
    Hashkiveinu - Green Day, "Basket Case"
    that extraneous berachah - Queen, "We Are The Champions"
    chatzi kaddish - high holiday musaf, into Debbie Friedman, "I Am A Latke"

    kaddish shaleim - shabbat mincha -> shabbat Torah service / ma'ariv -> shabbat musaf -> yom tov musaf -> miscellaneous kaddish shaleim -> post-hallel kaddish shaleim -> Israeli '60s Oseh Shalom -> Carlebach Oseh Shalom -> Friedman Oseh Shalom

    (after megillah reading:)

    Psalm 91 - Adir Hu
    Atah Kadosh - congregational responses and conclusion set to "Ana Adonai Hoshi'ah Na" from the Hadar CD

    Hinei Eil Yeshu'ati: Akdamut -> melody before the 13 midot on Yom Kippur
    1) Chanukah candlelighting
    2) birkat hamazon
    3) shehecheyanu
    4) Purim megillah reading

    Kaddish shaleim - this was a gag parodying ne'ilah at Hadar
    Aleinu - "That's All Folks"