Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Zionist narrative... now in Arabic!

This exercise from my Arabic textbook is to practice writing numbers. (Arabic is ironically one of the few living languages that doesn't use "Arabic numerals".) So, to practice, they give us some dates, which were clearly chosen completely at random!


For balance, we have this practice sentence to read and translate:

It says "Albayt biTal Abib li'abi walbuyut biNatanya libanati", or "The house in Tel Aviv is my father's, and the houses in Netanya are my daughters'." Welcome to the magical land of Arabic speakers who own houses in Tel Aviv and Netanya!

(To be fair, we had only learned 7 letters at the time -- alif, ba, ya, waw, nun, ta, and lam -- and now that we've learned a few more, we're getting place names like Beirut.)

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