Monday, October 29, 2007

Current standings

World Series won by the Red Sox in this millennium: 2
World Series won by the Yankees in this millennium: 1 (I'll be nice to Yankees fans and use the non-pedantic definition of the millennium; I don't care whether there was a year 0, since it's all arbitrary anyway)

Message to Yankees fans: HA HA!
Message to Red Sox fans: An even bigger HA HA! You're now officially just another baseball team!


  1. Eh. As far as the world's concerned, the scoreboard still says 26-7. But I do agree with your other sentiment... as shown by Elie's post, Red Sox fans' identity was so based on not winning, now that they've won something and are acting like a big market team, no one knows what to do with themselves.

  2. As a Chicagoan I'm more interested in centuries than millennia. As we say: "any team can have a bad century." We're about to get started on our 2nd straight century of futility. Go Cubs!!!