Tuesday, February 27, 2007

State of confusion

Only because Abacaxi Mamao told me to.

Clearly there's a part of the country that I'm missing out on. Road trip?

And this is simply pathetic:

(Airports don't count.)


  1. Hey, at least you've been to Africa! (Egypt, I mean.)

  2. I've been to Egypt, but not really to Africa (if Africa starts at the Suez Canal). When I was in Eilat, I crossed the border into Taba for a few minutes, just so I could say I had been to Egypt (and now it's paying off!!!). I spent more time in line at passport control than actually there.

  3. if airports dont count, than I don't think this trip to taba qualifies. sorry.

  4. I got my passport stamped in Egypt, and set foot on Egyptian soil! If you change planes at an airport, you don't go through immigration and don't legally enter that country -- you're still in transit,