Friday, February 16, 2007

A series of tubes

Once again, Kol Zimrah and other new independent minyanim are in the JTA!

Kol Zimrah, an independent minyan in New York, has no building of its own but meets once a month at various locations. It sends out an e-mail to the 500 people on its list telling them when and where services will take place.

“All of our communication is over the Internet,” Kol Zimrah co-founder [BZ] says. “We don’t have a phone list or snail mail.”

In fact, he continues, the minyan was started five years ago by people “sending an e-mail around.”

Kol Zimrah posts the music it uses for people to download, learn and use at their own services.

“It’s a way of teaching people,” [BZ] says.

Read the full article. It also heralds the debut of ShulShopper, which is on its way any minute!

There's also a companion article about a community that bought their Torah on eBay.

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