Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Survey for Reform rabbis' kids born 1966-1984

Are you the child of a Reform rabbi? Were you born between 1966 and 1984? If so, please fill out this very short survey.

This isn't for any formal research project, just my own curiosity. We make lots of conjectures, but I'd like to see whether it matches actual data.

Though this is not the most scientific survey ever, please adhere to the honor system: don't fill out the survey more than once, and don't fill it out if you don't qualify (see above for qualifications). If you don't qualify but have something to say, please comment on this post, not on the survey. And please pass the link on to any Reform rabbis' kids (born 1966-1984) you know!


  1. why the cut-off point 1966? especially since i am 1963!

    an observation from my personal experience is that most of the rk's with whom i grew up did one of 3 things - they became rabbis themselves, they abandoned any religious affiliation, or they went mad.

    this was a group from england, of 7 rabbinic families, all reform/liberal.

  2. rk's???
    when did PK go out of fashion?

  3. Is RK a mostly Reform term?

    I can't wait to see the results. Having known a few RRK's, I'm curious.