Monday, January 29, 2007

Birds of a feather

The YU book sale is open! I go every year, sometimes more than once.

As seen in the picture above, the Oz veHadar (super deluxe) edition of the Talmud is complete! Get your chosson Shas, or kallah Shas as the case may be. Only $750! There's also a new (very incomplete) edition that is laid out like a regular Vilna page, but has vowels, including in Rashi and Tosafot! I couldn't believe it either. I'll take a picture next time.

I didn't buy anything, but on my next trip I totally want to get this book on Masechet Kinim (a masechet on quantum mechanics and the EPR paradox):


  1. were you there last night? i was there last night, as were a few other bloggers... you shoulda said hi :-)

  2. I was totally there! Are you going back? Let's meet up. Who else was there?

  3. rabbi neil fleischmann, menachem butler, and rabbi gil student

    i'm hoping to go back on the thursday after this coming one to meet up with a few other people.