Friday, October 20, 2006

Mah Rabu endorsements: baseball

I'm from Chicago. From the south side, but with lots of family on the north side too. I would be run out of town for saying this in Chicago, but since I now live 700 miles away, I feel like I have to represent all of Chicago out here on the myopic east coast where they think everything between New Jersey and California is "the Midwest", so I'll say it: I'll root for both the Cubs and the White Sox. I'm an equal-opportunity fair-weather fan. (I don't care enough about baseball to take a side.)

Though I've lived in New York for over 4 years, I refuse to pick a New York team to root for. (In the major league, anyway. Go Brooklyn Cyclones!) So I was happy to see both New York teams get eliminated.

Now that we're approaching the World Series, I'm rooting against the Cardinals, due to the longstanding Cubs-Cardinals rivalry. It's a big deal in Chicago and St. Louis; I've been to Cubs-Cardinals games at Wrigley Field, and the ratio of Cubs to Cardinals apparel is around 60-40. Lots of people come up from St. Louis for the games.

Therefore, Mah Rabu endorses the Detroit Tigers to win the 2006 World Series.

However, the people of Missouri can have the stupid World Series championship if it somehow means that they'll elect Claire McCaskill to the Senate.

Hopefully, having two Midwestern teams in the World Series means that the coastally-based national media and/or liberal activists will be somewhat less obsessed with it, and people can focus on the election (cf. 2004).

But most of all, Mah Rabu is rooting for the World Series to be over so that we can have new Simpsons episodes again.

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