Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Attention all New York City teachers:

Did you ever dream of becoming fabulously wealthy from that masters-plus-30-credits salary differential, but decide that it just wasn't worth taking classes after school for several hours a week for years and years? Bring back the dream! Last week I learned that the Department of Education accepts credits from CLEP tests. You can take them in any subject you want, and some of them are 6 credits each, so that's just 5 tests and you're there!

I took the Social Science test today and found out instantly that I passed, so I'm 20% of the way to joining the haves. I'm not allowed to reveal any of the questions, but it's stuff that any educated person should know without any special preparation.

I thought I was done with standardized tests when I passed the ATS-W, but it just keeps going. But that's ok. I was good at answering multiple-choice questions. The rest of life is sometimes more challenging.

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  1. Wow. They offer precalc for 3 credits. Shit, I should just start taking these things on the off chance they finally find a social studies teacher spot for me.