Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Back in July, I posted the article I wrote for CAJE's Jewish Education News to the URJ's Biennial Challenge Forum. No one responded there, so I figured no one read it.

Several months later, someone posted it to mail.liberal-judaism, and now everyone's talking about it! They're using it as a jumping-off point to discuss the deficiencies of many organized Jewish communities.


  1. yashar koach! anyone contact you directly about it or you just heard they were discussing it? (cause i remember your name and email were published in the original article)

  2. They didn't contact me -- they found the article on the URJ site (not the CAJE journal), which didn't have my email address. I get the emails from MLJ but don't read them carefully, and was about to delete the latest digest when i saw that it was all about me.

  3. congrats. the internet is an amazing place.

  4. The rewards of teaching special ed students are not financial, it's more of intrinsic rewards. I love my job!

    Let's learn from each other. Please feel free to exchange thoughts with us regarding the ideas I present in my entries. I hope you won't get intimidated by the commenters speaking in my native language (I am a Filipino by the way). You're always welcome to visit my blog.

  5. "The emphasis on marriage and children tells us that we are only valuable as a means to an end, and not as individual human beings with dignity."

    This applies in spades to those of us on the other end, who are older single women without children. Since we can't produce babies, we aren't even means to an end, we're just invisible. So any variations on the standard model helps any of us who don't fit into the majority shul demographic.

    Great article - I sent it to my friend in Austin who's involved in developing more options at our standard Conservative shul. I sent her umpteen articles on all the independent minyanim and she's sharing them with other people.