Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Da'as torah

The semiannual Jews In The Woods shabbaton (which I have never attended and am not attending this time, though everyone assumes I have, and I suppose I fit the profile, but I hadn't even heard of JITW when I was in college, the primary demographic; anyway, I'm not annoyed by that assumption the way I am when people ask if I'm in rabbinical school) is happening this weekend, Shabbat Chol Hamo'ed Sukkot.

The following appeared in the JITW email. This is priceless.

Creating A Safe Space:

We are a community that includes people with rather different backgrounds, practices, and beliefs – as well as strengths, challenges and loves. When we come together for a weekend, we are aiming to create something that each of us can identify with.

In discussions, it has emerged that the following would help to ensure that we are creating an inclusive space:

1. Drumming: no drumming on Shabbat (during davenning and in public spaces).
2. Nudity: no nudity in public spaces, except in specially designated changing rooms.

Thank you!!

I am certain that this is the first time in history that this pair of rules has been explicitly stated together.

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