Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is Pesach 7 or 8 days?

The question of 1-day vs. 2-day yom tov is a favorite topic here on Mah Rabu.  But while I have lots of posts addressing some of the more complex intricacies of this topic, I don't have a general post explaining the basics.

Until now.

If you're wondering what this is all about, check out my new post on rj.org, the Union for Reform Judaism's blog, on the question of 7-day vs. 8-day Pesach (and 1-day vs. 2-day yom tov more generally).


  1. The first "phishing scam" - :) LOL!! Awesome. Owen

  2. The post now seems to live at http://blogs.rj.org/blog/2011/04/12/is_pesach_7_or_8_days/ .