Sunday, March 25, 2007

ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב

Starting in September 2007, Mah Rabu is temporarily transferring its base of operations to Jerusalem.


  1. Do we of Syria Palestinea get to meet you? can we book a lecture series?

  2. cool. what for?

  3. Does the title indicate that you are granting mercy on Jerusalem by returning?

  4. DafKesher-
    I look forward to meeting all of you! I'd be happy to go to a lecture series, as long as I'm not giving the lectures.

    Rebecca M-
    I'm accompanying a certain special individual who will be there for the year. While I'm there, I hope to study Hebrew, Arabic, and Talmud, explore Israel and the Middle East, go to Kol Zimrah Jerusalem for the first time, and eat lots of chumus and rugalach.

    Chorus of Apes-
    I'm hoping that I will return during a שעת רחמים ועת רצון, but I don't think I'll have much of a role in bringing that about.

  5. KZ J-m was my intro to indy minyanim. and my place for dealing with all kinds of angst about egal, drums on shabbat, etc.

    good times.

    learning arabic is cool, actually speaking it (especially to people who have accurately pegged you as Jewish and religious) is even cooler. knowing a little aramaic was also helpful.

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  7. Dear JCarrot,
    You're already listed on my blogroll, and you have been for a while. But posting self-promoting comments on unrelated blog posts is considered spam, and is not a good way to win friends in the blogosphere.

  8. Oh cool!

    I'll get to meet you in real life and not just hear stories from a cousin...