Thursday, April 06, 2006

Severus, please

From the NYT:

An early Christian manuscript, including the only known text of what is known as the Gospel of Judas, has surfaced after 1,700 years. The text gives new insights into the relationship of Jesus and the disciple who betrayed him, scholars reported today. In this version, Jesus asked Judas, as a close friend, to sell him out to the authorities, telling Judas he will "exceed" the other disciples by doing so.

This gospel sounds just like a popular hypothesis about Snape and Dumbledore! Is this discovery real, or just hype for J.K. Rowling's next book?


  1. Who would offer such a cockamamy theory? :-)

  2. so Dumbledore is the "christ" figure? I thought Harry was...I'm so confused.

  3. I thought Harry was Moses (and Frodo and Luke).

  4. We actually talked about it yesterday in biblical archaeology. My teacher was invited to go to DC for the release of the text. 2 books came out on the same day, and he got both of them mailed to him by National Geographic, presumably for free.

    He was a bit cynical about them choosing to release it now [when the books have been finished and the text discovered some time ago.] It's right before Easter. And one of the books is factual while the other hypes up the discovery [it was locked away for decades because no translator could afford to buy it]. And if you squint really hard the cover looks like The Davinci Code [same colors and everything!]

    I kind of agree with him, but at the same time I don't think the public would have paid attention had it not been presented this sensationally.

    And in a few weeks some archaeologist/historian of ancient texts will claim that this is a forgery. They always do. And sometimes they're right. Watch and see.