Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Everett Fellowship application deadline May 1

Register TODAY for the NHC Summer Institute!

I've blogged about it here and here and lots of other places, and it's the triumphant conclusion to this article. And I'm co-chairing this year's Institute.

In a nutshell:
Jews have been creating independent grassroots communities ever since Abram and Sarai left Haran. But there has been particularly rapid proliferation of these communities over the last few decades, with a spike over the last 5 years that shows no signs of slowing down. For almost 30 years, the National Havurah Committee has run an annual week-long Summer Institute, a week of Jewish living and learning where grassroots communities from across the continent can gather and learn from each other, where individuals can become empowered to start their own grassroots communities, and where individuals can experience a model of what a truly participatory and egalitarian Judaism can be.

See more about "What is the NHC?", and read the full list of amazing courses.

If you're in your 20s (post-college-age) to mid-30s, you can apply for the Everett Fellows Program and go for under $18 a day!!! But the application deadline for the Everett Fellowship is MAY 1, so get cracking on that application right now.

Of course you can still register for the Institute after that (while space is still available), but the price will go up. However, don't let the price keep you away; there are scholarship and work-study opportunities available, and there is a generous subsidy this year to make it possible for families with children to attend.

Everyone's coming to New Hampshire this August! Don't let yourself be outside the "everyone"!


  1. Sadly, I don't think I can go this summer afterall...

    But if anything changes in the next few days, I'll apply (for the fellowship too).

  2. Everyone tells me I should go, but I'll be in Israel. So while I wish I could go, I have a very good reason not to.

  3. when is it?
    -sarah m

  4. August 7-13.

    Everyone's coming!!!

  5. Not everyone...A large group of people are coming.