Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A minyan of minyanim

I wasn't at the first meeting of Kehilat Romemu this past Shabbat, but it brings the count of NYC independent minyanim up to (at least) 10. "Independent", in this case, is defined as not affiliated with an organized movement or a synagogue. "Synagogue" is defined the way Potter Stewart defined pornography. Almost all of these minyanim have been founded in the last five years. In chronological order of founding, they are:
Other independent minyanim have also come in and out of existence during this period, including the 113th St Minyan (2001-03), the Kesher Minyan (2002-05), and Selah (2004-05).

Please comment if you know of other NYC minyanim that belong on this list, or if you have any corrections to these dates.

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