Thursday, January 19, 2006

Welcome, JIB Award voters!

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Mah Rabu has been nominated for the Jerusalem Post's 2005 Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards in three categories: Best Jewish Religion Blog, Best New Blog 2005, and Best Post (for "Taxonomy of Jewish pluralism").

Voting is in progress!!! Vote early and often -- you're allowed to vote once every three days! Voting continues through January 19.

For those who are here for the first time, I haven't had time to post a lot recently, but here is a selection of relevant posts from this year, arranged by topic.

Contemporary American Judaism:

Jewish holidays:


Judaism and physics:



  1. Good luck BZ, you have my vote.


  2. BZ - your comments in your 'unaffiliated' post are so spot-on it is scary. I shared it w/my husband and the two of us are trying to think of how we address these issues. In NYC it is easier in terms of sheer numbers of Jews, but also available resources. Thank you for your insights. Shabbat Shalom!