Thursday, August 11, 2005

Order in the court!

Jack Abramoff... INDICTMENT!

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  1. [The New York times chose not to print this letter, but hopefully Mah Rabu's editorial board will think differently. JGN]

    To the Editor:

    When lobbyist Jack Abramoff took congressmen to lunch at his restaurant, "his meals were sometimes prepared in a special kosher kitchen" (front page, July 6).  Such care to dine in ritual purity seems inconsistent with illegally treating lawmakers to meals, defrauding Indian tribes of millions, and encouraging Congress to perpetuate labor abuses in the Northern Mariana Islands.

    Here on earth, the Justice Department is investigating possible wrongdoing by the lobbyist.  But Mr. Abramoff should know that according to the Talmud, in heaven, too, no one will be primarily concerned if he followed Jewish dietary practices.  He will be asked first: "Were you honest in your business dealings?" (Talmud Shabbat 31a)

    Washington DC, July 6, 2005