Monday, August 08, 2005

I was born in a small town

Back from New Hampshire, where I just spent a week with Desh, Purple Frog, Daf Am Haaretz, Ruby K, and lots of other people who don't have blogs (or at least blogs that I know about). Much to say about the week, but sleep must come first.

With no Phish odysseys immediately before or after the Institute, the transitions are much simpler this time. The first thing that I noticed today upon returning to the city was that the people walking down the street were people I had never seen before. After spending a week surrounded by the same 200-or-so faces and adjusting to this, the existence of unfamiliar faces was jarring, as I returned to my habit of not saying hi to everyone I pass. It has been suggested that this is the transition that someone experiences if s/he has spent his/her whole life in an insular small town and then goes out into the wider world.

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  1. I know what you mean - I come from a small town as well. It can be striking to come back to the city - I have to regain my bearings, as it feels something changed while I was gone.