Tuesday, September 09, 2008


1) Since posting last night about the New York primaries, this blog has received a number of hits from people Googling the Manhattan judicial candidates. That's not the pathetic part; it's great that people are seeking to be informed about the candidates. The pathetic part is that the available information is so sparse that a blog post that has been up for less than 24 hours, and says little more than "These are the candidates, but I don't know very much about them", can rise so quickly to the first page of Google hits. And yet somehow we voters are expected to make an informed decision.

But if you found your way to Mah Rabu this way, welcome! Kudos to you on your quest for knowledge, and please let us know what you figure out.

2) I voted at 4:45 pm today, nearly 11 hours after the polls opened. I was the 19th voter all day at my election district.

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  1. Yup. I was searching desperately for info on the candidates and mostly came up empty-handed - everywhere. And when I voted at 7pm in my district I was the 33rd voter.