Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sefer Ha-Bloggadah

The Sefer Ha-Aggadah project began today, and the first post is up on the blog! In this first post, Sara Meirowitz looks at aggadah about aggadah (or meta-aggadah) and shows how it "answers the unstated question: why bother?".

One day down, less than two years to go!


  1. This is not related to your post--eek, we gotta get a copy of Sefer Ha-Agadah and play catch-up-- but I can't find an e-mail address for you on your blog, so here goes a correction to one of my posts: The choral version of Halleluyah, hallelu Kel b'kodsho (Psalm 150) that we were singing (or trying to sing :) )at the Institute on Friday night was by Louis Levandowski (not Salamone Rossi).

  2. Oh wow! I grew up hearing the choir sing the Lewandowski Psalm 150 on the high holidays, so i can sort of fake it, but I never actually learned any of the parts (whereas I know the tenor part of the Rossi Psalm 146 from my college a cappella days).

  3. I know the Rossi Halleluyah (Psalm 146), too! I remember it from the old days when I used to sing alto in a synagogue choir, which is how I learned the Levandowski Halleluyah (Psalm 150), as well. Nu, maybe you could scrounge up some sheet music for next summer's National Havurah Committee Institute? I'll check to see what I still have, too. My husband might be able to manage the Levandowski Halleluyah, if he has the music in front of him--he was still singing tenor in that shul's choir when we learned it. This could be fun!