Thursday, July 24, 2008

City, County, and State

It turns out New York isn't the only City, County, and State. There's at least one other: the City, County, and State of Oklahoma.

Are there any more? If so, then we can pinpoint the location of the next major terrorist attack and take preventative measures.


  1. there is a city and a county of Indiana in Pennsylvania. There's also a Maryland City, Maryland, and a Maryland County, Liberia (does that count?).

  2. just remember the inclusion order:

    New York County < New York City < New York State


    Oklahoma City < Oklahoma County < Oklahoma State

  3. Here's a fun game along the lines of what Adderabbi mentioned. There's a town called West New York, NJ; a town called Texas, NY; a town called Iowa Park, TX; et cetera. Find as long a chain as you can. It would probably be better to restrict to towns whose full names are the names of states (as opposed to things like West New York and Iowa Park), but we could also be meikil on this matter.

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  5. You haven't lived until you visit Iowa Hall, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.

  6. not quite the same, but I've always enjoyed the "City of University City City Hall" building in University City, MO.
    Send that to the Department of Redundancy Department!