Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Change of continent

Oh right. I suppose I should mention that I'm back in North America, viz. the City and State (but not yet the County) of New York. I'll return to more frequent blogging after I find an apartment. If you'd like to help speed that along, please send apartment leads my way.

Future posts:
  • More pictures from Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan
  • More in-depth analysis of the Reform and Conservative teshuvot about 1-day vs. 2-day yom tov (now that we've obtained the full text)
  • Egalitarianism = halacha l'Moshe miSinai, and electricity = kitniyot; or, the other "Jewish continuity" (continuity of Judaism, not of Jews): toward resolving the contradictions between (ethnic) Reform Jewry and (ideological) Reform Judaism
  • "Rooftop": the fugu of davening styles

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