Monday, July 23, 2007


Done with HP7! I made some predictions last week. In the comments, we'll see how well I did. If you haven't finished reading the book, don't click on the comment link.


  1. The numbers refer to this prediction post.

    1. Yes to the duh part, and I wasn't really expecting the other part so strongly anyway.

    2. Totally wrong!

    3. Eh. Not such a critical moment - sort of anticlimactic, and he doesn't come out of it so successfully (though neither did Darth Vader).

    4. Unclear - we never hear anything about future Luna. Ron and Hermione, of course.

    5. Nope.

    6. So wrong! (We never heard anything in this book about the veil, did we.)

    7. Yes to the giants, no to everything else.

    8. Partial credit.

    9. CORRECT!!!!!

    10. Unknown. She probably gave them the same last name on purpose, but the only thing we hear about Zacharias Smith is that he fled as fast as he could.

    11. Correct!

    12. Unclear.

  2. good job bz, the book sure slowed down a bunch at the end, was anti climactic, and the last word wasn't "scar" was it?