Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In every generation

We used the CCAR haggadah for the first seder on Monday night, then used A Different Night for the second seder.

The former haggadah was published in 1974, and has this to say before the Ten Plagues:

Each drop of wine we pour is hope and prayer
that people will cast out the plagues that threaten everyone
everywhere they are found, beginning in our own hearts:

The making of war,
the teaching of hate and violence,
despoliation of the earth,
perversion of justice and of government,
fomenting of vice and crime,
neglect of human needs,
oppression of nations and peoples,
corruption of culture,
subjugation of science, learning, and human discourse,
the erosion of freedoms.

Now we know where the Republican party of the early 21st century cribbed its platform from!


  1. i've always had a problem with this analogy in every form ... god sent the plagues down against the egyptians. humans who plague other humans are not god, neither are the sufferers the egyptians.

    perhaps if the writers of the haggadot were to make some note of what it means to be b'tselem elohim, and what it does not mean?

    no more baruch goldsteins thank you very much.

  2. Despite your attempts to be funny, it seems to me that the 'platform' is more analagous to Iran's than to the Bush administration's.

  3. This is the part in the CCAR hagaddah where the people who aren't really paying attention prematurely spill drops of wine. Happens every year.