Friday, September 22, 2006


Greetings from the old country!

The astronomical new moon was this morning at 7:34 AM EDT. The molad (average new moon) was at 7:37 PM Jerusalem time, or approximately 1:37 PM EDT. The new year is on its way! Theoretically, the new moon of Tishrei should be visible this evening.

This year we have an unusual coincidence: the autumnal equinox will occur during Rosh Hashanah! It will be tonight at 12:03 AM EDT. The Talmud's words about seeing the world as perfectly balanced between merit and guilt ring particularly true this year. As our half of the globe moves towards darkness, may our actions move towards light.

(In other cool confluences of this sort, we'll have a total lunar eclipse on Purim, the day when the natural order is overturned. In the US we'll catch the end of it, as the moon is rising. Also, the next time Rosh Hashanah coincides with International Talk Like A Pirate Day is in 2009. It's on Shabbat again, so some communities won't blow shofARRRRRR that day, but they'll still observe it as Yom HazikARRRRRRRRRRRon and read the Torah portion about HagARRRRRRR.)

Tichleh shanah v'kileloteha. (May the year end, with its curses.)
Tacheil shanah uvirchoteha. (May the year begin, with its blessings.)

A good and sweet 5767!!!


  1. shanah tovah!

    Come back from the Old Country; it'd be nice to see you while I'm here.

  2. Check out this blog
    Some good reading!

  3. Amen. As my grandmother said, we're due for a good year.