Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We will return to you, children of the city, and the web of the scroll went up to itself

We finished Masechet Megillah tonight! And not a minute too soon, since MAK and RLK are packing up their apartment and almost ready to move out of NYC. Stay tuned for a siyyum sometime this summer, at which Rav Papa's sons will be invoked, and the One who is above all blessings (le'eila min kol birchata) will be blessed.


  1. Mazal tov! What's next?

  2. yasher koach. why DO we invoke the names of Papa's son's anyways?

  3. Anonymous:
    ALG and I are continuing with Masechet Makkot.

  4. Rebecca-
    The frum answer is that Rav Papa had 10 sons, and they used to throw big celebrations every time they finished a masechet.

    The apikorsish answer is that these were all sons of different Papas (like reciting "Michael Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Stonewall Jackson..."), and this recitation is an incantation against forgetting what you've just learned.

    I just think it's cool, in a Religious-Culturist/hipster sort of way. And if it's an incantation, I hope it works.

    (How is it that the only Google hit for "Religious-Culturist" is on Mah Rabu, and there are no hits for "Secular-Culturist"? Does no one read Kaplan anymore?)

  5. a good constellation!
    let us know when you study the web of documents, and you can return to the one who has been grabbed.

  6. I love it when you call me Bar Papa . . .