Sunday, November 13, 2005

The post below

The article in the previous post, "Profile of an 'Unaffiliated' Jew", is nothing new to regular Mah Rabu readers. It came out way back in the spring. But until now it didn't have an online home, except on the URJ Biennial Challenge bulletin board, where it was camping out and amassing mad PageRank. It's being posted here so that the sparkling new Kol Zimrah website can link to it on the "Kol Zimrah in the news" page. We figured that a post on someone else's bulletin board seemed like a sketchy place to link to an article, and a blog post was perhaps slightly more respectable. Furthermore, since the bulletin board in question is devoted to an event happening this week, we didn't know how long it would stick around afterwards. So here it is, and it's all hyperlinked too. Feel free to pass it on to anyone who wants to understand where all the 20- and 30something liberal Jews disappeared to.

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