Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Last night, in the moments my thoughts were adrift

I finally started a blog. Though I didn't think I would, perhaps revisionist historians will one day conclude that it was inevitable. I have no regrets about RRRR39's format as a long approximately-monthly email to a list of subscribers, but it's just possible that if our Israeli adventure had been just one year later, when blogs had started to take off... well, there's no use speculating about what might have been.

This will be a place to post thoughts about Torah, physics, politics, the independent Jewish scene, education, music, New York, and the intersections of all those areas (e.g. physics & Torah, physics education, the resurgent Religious Left in politics, independent musical Jewish stuff in New York, etc.).

In response to everyone's identical questions: No, I'm not giving the URL to my students, but yes, I'm aware of the implications of posting something for the whole Internet to see, and therefore I'm not going to write anything deeply personal or anything that I wouldn't want my students to read. If I can find their online oeuvre, they can find mine.

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  1. Benny Ben, welcome to the blog-o-shpere. I only started my own blog about a week ago. I'm excited to keep tabs on your thoughts. It seems perhaps we need to find sometime to really sit down and share some ideas and plans.